We have a non-deposit waiting list for unborn puppies.Once puppies are born a $200 deposit will hold your puppy.
Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 wks. old.

    Please email me to be placed on the waiting list

This summer we will have repeat breedings from these pairings that gave us gorgeous puppies with a stunning variety of colors

Lana and Kanu
This pair gave us beautiful gold and bright white puppies with very nice even markings on the face with black tips.
Puppies due July 1st, 2019

Leilani and Laki
Together have given us gorgeous puppies with different shades of reds with and without black mask.  Some with radiant white markings on the face.  A very distinctive mark from Laki that some puppies have is the white paws or gloves as I call them.
Their puppies are due July 5h

Kanu and Suki
This will be their second litter together.  Their puppies were Black, White and Black and Chocolate liver like Suki.  We anticipate another repeat of gorgeous colors from them.
Puppies are due July 5th

Miyah and Kanu

This will Miyah's first litter.  She is a second generation with us.
Both carry strong red lines and beautiful soft coats.

Puppies due July 14th

Mischa and Laki
From their last litter we had magnificent shades of reds and solid golds.  Some with Laki’s signature white gloves.  Others  looking very much like teddy bears.
​Puppies due end of July

Please visit the photo and video page to see pictures of the puppies from each of these pairings.