AKC Puppy prices:  
$1100-1300  Males PET ONLY Limited AKC Registration 

$1300-1500  Females PET ONLY Limited AKC Registration

All puppies will be sold with a spay & neuter contract.  No breeding rights. 

Puppies will go home with a starter puppy pack which includes:  food, pads, blanket with mommy's scent and a toy. Also, registration papers, puppy information sheets, and health records.

Please visit the Planned Litters section to see upcoming litters.   
Planned Litters


The deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind and don’t want the puppy.  In the event that something unforeseen happens to the puppy while still in our care your deposit will be refunded or transferred to another puppy from a current or future litter.  Balance due 1 wk. before if shipping or paying by check, cash on day of pick up.  Money is non-refundable once the puppy has left the seller’s premises.  Price does not include shipping costs.

Purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 business hours. 1 year after sale replacement Warranty is given for life-threatening inherited genetic disease that would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia or caused said puppy to expire. These conditions are listed and limited to heart, kidney, and liver from the date of puppy’s birth. No other conditions are included or covered in this contract. This warranty does not cover hypoglycemia, parvo, coccidian, giardia, kennel cough, patella problems, any type of hernias, pinched nostril, ear /skin infections or diseases for which vaccinations could prevent.
A notarized Veterinarian report with findings stating, to a medical certainly, that condition or death was in fact caused from the prenatal state will be required. Buyers will be required to send the notarized Vet’s report by registered mail along with all of the puppy’s medical records. Sellers Veterinarian must confirm and agree with diagnosis. The seller will then give buyer a replacement puppy of equal value/price of amount paid for original puppy and the same gender, from the next available litter. If the puppy the buyer picks out is of more value, they can opt to pay the difference of the first puppy to the replacement puppy. Replacement warranty will be terminated if puppy was found to be abused, neglected, or does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records.
To the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief, this puppy is in good health, free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at the time of sale. No further health guarantee is made or implied. If the buyer believes this puppy to be sick, the animal should be immediately taken to a veterinarian of buyer’s choice at the buyer’s expense.
As of the date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and de-worming.  Buyer has been informed of these and record has been given.
The seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality, landlord’s disapproval, allergy, or any other undesirable circumstances once the dog has left the seller’s premises.
The seller cannot guarantee the size or color the puppy will be when the puppy matures.  This is only estimated based on the seller’s experience.  No guarantees are made or implied.
If a puppy is sold with full AKC registration or breeding rights, seller cannot guarantee the fertility of said dog, nor quality or health of its offspring. Breeding success or show success is not guaranteed. It is the buyer’s sole responsibility for bills incurred from breeding said dog.
The buyer agrees that the puppy will never be placed in a shelter, rescue or sold to a broker, pet shop, or puppy mill. If the buyer is unable to keep the puppy, the buyer is required to contact seller before placing the puppy.
Umbilical Hernias and tight nostrils are very common with the Shih Tzu breed.  They are neither life-threatening nor genetic hereditary.  Shih Tzu commonly snort, sniffle, snore.  A clear discharge is normal, especially when the puppy is teething.  Tight nostrils are very common and normally open and correct as your puppy matures.  Open Fontanels (soft spots in the skull) are also common, and close as your puppy matures.  It is up to each new pet owner to decide if they would like to fix an umbilical hernia at the time of spay or neuter.
Warranty applies to the original buyer only, and is not transferable.